12 Awesome Things That You can Eat on Sinulog Sunday!

It is Sinulog Sunday and all roads lead to the Sinulog grand parade route. Sinulog is one of the country’s biggest and grandest festivals. It happens every 3rd Sunday of January but festivities start as early as the first week of the year. Cebuanos and the tourists always look forward to Sinulog Sunday as they will be able to witness some of the best street dance performers in the country. Watching Sinulog will not be as fun if there is no good food available nearby. Actually, Sinulog Sunday is one of the best days to have a food trip. We asked our friends from Kalami Cebu, Cebu’s best food blog, for food suggestions at the Grand Parade. So, here are 12 awesome things that you can eat on Sinulog Sunday:

12 Things to Try on Sinulog Sunday

Ginabot and other Pongko-Pongko favorites

If you pass through the side streets, we are pretty sure you will find this Cebuano “staple”.  All you have to do is to sit down on the bench and enjoy some crispy pork intestines (ginabot) and other offal offerings and you will have all the energy you need to last for hours standing up on Sinulog Sunday while cheering on the dozens of dance contingents.  Do not forget to eat lots of Puso (hanging rice) and drink a lot of water.

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