iLearners Inc. Partners with Montebello Villa Hotel to Fight Illiteracy

4 March 2017, Montebello Villa Hotel – iLearners Inc. launches iLibrary in time for its 10th year of reaching out to the pupils belonging to communities challenged by poverty and illiteracy in the rural areas of Cebu, iLearners Inc. is intensifying its efforts in promoting literacy and improving the way pupils learn through this latest program.

iLearners Inc. to build Multimedia Library

The iLibrary is a multimedia library, which incorporates physical books with other tools for learning that are beneficial to a pupil’s learning in the digital age. The iLibrary will consist of (3) bookshelves of paper books, an art section, two (2) units of computers, an AV (Audio/Visual) set and a music station. The iLibrary will be installed in three of iLearners Inc. ‘s beneficiary public primary institutions – Lunas, Kaluangan II and Caohagan Elementary Schools situated in Carcar, Asturias and Caohagan Island Mactan respectively.

Andrew Buenaviaje, Doyzkie Buenaviaje, iLearners Inc., Montebello Villa Hotel, Luis Martin Alvarez, Lunas Elementary School

“The iLibrary will surely boost the students’ interest to learn and arouse creativity,” exclaimed Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje, iLearners Inc. President and Founder. “I am excited for the completion of the first multimedia library to be installed in Lunas Elementary School before the year ends, “ Buenaviaje added. “iLearners Inc. is delighted that Montebello Villa Hotel sides with our advocacy and has shown their support by awarding us with a music station, which is one of the components of the iLibrary.” Doyzkie shared.

“We believe in iLearners’ advocacy which aims to eradicate illiteracy, especially in the grassroots level. Supporting iLearners would mean supporting literacy since they do not give something that only lasts for a day or two. Rather, it is one of the most basic needs, that is education. It is through education that the youth learns the basic skills needed to survive as adults in the new world. Thus, molds them to become a successful individual in the future – who knows we’ve inspired the next Steve Jobs,” expresses Luis Martin Alvarez, General Manager Montebello Villa Hotel.

Andrew Buenaviaje, Doyzkie Buenaviaje, iLearners Inc., Montebello Villa Hotel, Luis Martin Alvarez, Lunas Elementary School

Music is life, and we believe the youth deserve to learn more about it, even at such early age. To begin with, a school without exposing the students to music is not a comprehensive education due to the proven academic, social, and personal benefits that it offers. And, in exposing the students from rural areas to today’s music technology, we will never know the difference it can make to them; it might aid in unleashing unique skills and talents from the youth of Lunas Elementary School that can make a profound change in the world, iLearners Inc. is a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate rural illiteracy with its tailored fit programs to address the problems that are faced by the charitable group’s recipient schools. It was founded in December 9, 2007 and has been registered through SEC in 2009.

For questions or other information, please SMS or call Andrew Buenaviaje through mobile digits +639173003739 or email

Why Cebu Should Support ILearner Inc.

Doyzkie’s advocacy is quite admirable. If you visit in the public schools in remote areas you would think that you time traveled to 20 years ago because of the lack of modern teaching tools like computers.  Even though these places pale in comparison to private schools in the city, you can see the eagerness of the children to learn.  These kids have dreams as well and with the help of an iLibrary, the pupil’s level of interest will definitely increase. I believe that companies could emulate Montebello Villa Hotel and help build more libraries in schools in the rural areas.  If you have some extra computers and books, you may contact iLearners and help in the war against illiteracy.

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