How To Create Happy Memories From #HappyTummy Moments

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Who doesn’t want happy memories? I haven’t met a person who doesn’t want it. How about you? Have you met a person who detests the idea of having such kind of memories?

Aside from a warm sunny day, cool breeze touching my skin, sand between my toes, and swimming in the sea, #HappyTummy moments are also my favorite!

Since this blog is all about creating happy memories, I’ll share you how most of my #HappyTummy moments come to reality.

How to create #HappyTummy happy memories:

Happy Memories, #happytummy, Foodspots

Step 1: Plan

It all starts with an idea. What do you have in mind? Are you craving Filipino or Japanese cuisine? If you already have a specific cuisine in mind, determine your individual or group budget and start listing possible restaurants where you will eat. Looking for ideas on what to eat? Don’t fret! I took the liberty of making a short list of interesting food and restaurants in Cebu.

Japanese Cuisine
Tuslob Buwa
Breakfast Buffet
Cebuano Food
Chicken Wings
International Cuisine 
Filipino Cuisine
Pizza and Pasta
Korean Cuisine


Happy Memories, #happytummy, Foodspots

Step 2: Collaborate

Start communicating with your family, friends, or colleagues. Share your ideas with them. If they have suggestions or comments, feel free to integrate it with your plan. Do not sulk if your initial plan has already changed because sometimes, the most brilliant ideas come from other people. Revise until it reaches perfection! My personal favorite #HappyTummy barkada are my friends from CBC, CBKS and Team Traydor!


Step 3: Execute

Cuisine – check Venue – check Date and time – check All that’s left to do is to execute the plan. If you have planned to eat Siomai sa Tisa in Labangon on Friday at 6:00 PM, make sure all of the involved parties are informed. Just in case you’ll be late, inform the other parties.

Happy Memories, #happytummy, Foodspots


Step 4: Document

Take a many snapshots or selfies as much as possible. If you are eating with food bloggers, please don’t eat the food before photographs of it were already taken, okay?

Happy Memories, #happytummy, Foodspots


Step 5: Repeat

Depending on your budget and availability of time, you can repeat the process on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis! Personally, the more people who will join, the better! What can you say about my 5-Step Process? Did I fail to mention anything? How soon will you be applying this to your life? Life is full of uncertainties, but you can always count on family and friends when it comes to creating happy memories.



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