Gibbs’ Hot Wings – 3 Good Reasons to Eat at their New Branch

One of the best places to eat delicious chili wings in Cebu is at Gibbs’ Hot Wings.  The first branch of this popular Wing Joint in Cebu is located at Holy Family Village II in Talamban.  Recently,Gibbs’ Hot Wings opened a new branch at Streetscape, Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Park, Banilad. The new branch serves the same menu, but at  a more posh location.

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Why Cebu talked to owner Frank Oliva during the media launch of the Streetscape branch and he was asked to give 3 reasons why Cebuanos should eat at Gibbs’ Hot Wings, as well as, the 3 dishes he can recommend, aside from the 5 levels of Gibbs’ Hot Wings.

3 Good Reasons to eat at Gibbs’ Hot Wings

1. Great Food – If you love chicken wings, this is the first place that you should try in Cebu before trying out the other contenders. The chicken wings here are well-cooked (Absolutely No Blood), tender, and flavorful. If you love hot wings, Gibbs’ has 5 levels of spiciness when it comes to their wings.  How many freakin’ hot wings can you finish?  Aside from wings,Gibbs’ Hot Wings also serve pasta dishes, appetizers, and desserts.

2. Reasonable Price – A budget of 300 pesos can feed a couple or a duo. The servings of their famous wings are good enough for two people.  A lot of students and young professionals go to this restaurant because it offers a great value for their money.

3. Fun Atmosphere – The restaurant is for friends to hang out on a Friday night. It has a relaxed atmosphere and it is an awesome place to have a drink while eating some hot wings.  You can actually “vandalize” the place by writing cheesy messages on the wall.

3 Must-Try Dishes at Gibbs’ Streetscape

If you got bored with the hot wings, well Gibbs’ has a host of other yummy dishes for you. Here are 3 highly recommended dishes by the owner:

Gibb's Hot Wings, Streetscape, Why Cebu, Where to eat in Cebu
Wasabi Wings – winner!

1. Wasabi Wings – This Japanese-inspired fried chicken wing dish is guaranteed to bring out your inner dragon.  The unique aroma wasabi and its sharp kick will surely clear out your nostrils and if you are not careful you might breath fire. It is an awesome fusion creation that will make you alert for a couple of minutes. The Wasabi Wing is a standout.

Gibb's Hot Wings, Streetscape, Why Cebu, Where to eat in Cebu
Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

2. Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings – Sweet, Spicy, and Garlicky.  This Gibbs’ Hot Wings masterpiece is a joy to eat.  The abundance of flavors works well in the palate that gives diners a pleasant contrast to the typical chili wings.

Gibb's Hot Wings, Streetscape, Why Cebu, Where to eat in Cebu

3. Potacos – An innovative combination crispy potato mojos and tacos. The crispy potato chips are topped with taco-flavored toppings of ground meat, melted cheese, onions, and lettuce. The appetizer is an instant favorite.

If you want to know how to get to the new branch of Gibbs’ Hot Wings, it is really easy. Just go Banilad and enter Maria Luisa Road.  Streetscape Mall is located at the right side of the road, right before reaching the Banilad gate of the Maria Luisa Subdivision. Gibbs’ Hot Wings is located at the second level of the newly opened mall.

Gibb's Hot Wings, Streetscape, Why Cebu, Where to eat in Cebu

Gibbs’ Hot Wings is also available at foodpanda. You can now order your favorite hot wings for delivery via the app. Foodpanda Voucher Code: GIBBMELOVE will give you a free order of chicken wings if you order 2 chicken wings.

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