Eraserheads Reunite for One Night

I have been a big fan of the Eraserheads.  During my freshman year in UP Diliman, the band released their first album.  Their songs were the soundtrack of my college years.  I was sad when they broke up and I always feel glad when I hear news of a reunion.  If I am in a karaoke place, I always try to summon the inner Ely Buendia in me by singing songs like “Pare Ko”, “With a Smile”, and “Magasin”.  Last June 13, PLDT unveiled their new logo and to highlight the event, they invited the Eraserheads to perform.  It has been that the most popular Filipino band in the 90’s performed together. I did not expect to be in the middle of a  surprise reunion gig.  Thanks to PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications, I was able to see them perform live and I got a lot of videos to prove it.

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Surprise Eraserheads gig at the launch of the new logo of PLDT and Smart

A couple of days ago, I was invited to come to Makati for a night to cover an event by the country’s largest telecom network, PLDT Inc.  I really thought they were launching some new service or they wanted to announce that they are increasing the nationwide internet speed by 1000%. I was wrong.  PLDT Inc. just unveiled new logos for PLDT and mobile network Smart as part of their digital pivot. The logos of the two companies looked the same save for the color combinations.  I was waiting for a big announcement but none came except that a band is going to play. Lo and behold, the Eraserheads came out to play. It has been a while.  I was like in college once again. I felt like I am back in 1993 in the middle Sunken Garden watching the Eheads perform at the UP Fair.

Once they started playing, I immediately moved to the front of the crowd. It was great that I was brought my new Sony A6300 along with my handy IPhone 5. The internet connection there was excellent and I was able to broadcast some of the Eraserheads songs via Facebook Live. Here are some of the videos I took with my a6300 that I uploaded on Youtube:

Eraserheads Reunion 6-13-2016 Top 5 Picks

Pare Ko

Pare Ko is one of biggest hits of the band from their first album.  The song was a part of the first album named Ultraelectromagneticpop! and it was released a month into my first semester at UP. I always loved this song because back in the day, I can relate to it.   I met many pretty girls in college (even just in my dorm). I had countless of crushes but I got scared of really courting because I am a Cebuano and many of them speak a different language. I knew a lot of friends who were in the same predicament.

During drinking sessions, I always hear guys talking about their crushes.  Eraserheads’ Pare Ko was a favorite of many college students then and until now.  When I heard it last Monday, “Pare Ko” brought a lot of good memories of old crushes, old friends, and the awesome life as a freshman living in Kalayaan Residence Hall.

With A Smile

“With A Smile” is another favorite.  The song reminded me of the days when  my wife was still my girlfriend. It is an easy song to listen to because of its pleasant melody.  I always smile when I hear this Eraserheads song because it also brings lots of wonderful memories as well.


Eraserheads’ Magasin is a favorite in karaoke places.  It is a fun song to sing and the lyrics are so easy to memorize.


Alaapap was a controversial song owing to the fact that it became a political issue.  Senator Sotto sought to ban this song because of its drug-related theme.  Nevertheless, this song has one of most recognizable intros among Eraserheads hits. The lyrics of the chorus is definitely subject to different interpretations.

Ang Huling El Bimbo

To conclude this list, I include the song “Ang Huling El Bimbo”.  It was the longest act of the night and it got the crowd singing. The one thing I like most about Eraserheads song is that the lyrics are easy to memorize.  I can even sing this song impromptu anytime.

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All in all, it was a great night of music.  The night would have been legendary if all my college buddies were there. Even if it was not perfect, I consider that mini-concert as the best that I have been to in many years.  The Eraserheads will always be one of my all time favorite bands because their songs have been part of the soundtrack of my life. Do you also love the Eraserheads? If you do, feel free to comment about your favorite song from them.

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