Cebuano Bloggers nominated in the Philippine Blogging Awards

The Philippine Blogging Awards or more known as the Bloggys is in its voting stages. This nationwide blog awarding event seeks to reward the best bloggers from Luzon to Mindanao. The search for the best Philippine-based blogs will run for 3 months.  Nominations started last September 1 and currently the public is currently for the people’s choice awards. Among the over 1000 nominated blogs are several Cebuano bloggers from the Cebu Blogging Community.  If you are interesting in helping these blogs be recognized in Bloggys, we encourage you to check the blogs and vote for them.

Voting is very simple.  All you need is to have a valid email address and a facebook account. To vote for your favorite blogs, you may click this LINK.  You can actually vote for as many blogs as you want.

Cebuano Bloggers at the Bloggys by Janine Ella Anongos – This blog is written by an awesome 20-something mom who happens to be a software engineer.

A Blissful Blog was created as a rebrand of my previous blog called Lime & Life. I chose the word “blissful” to serve as a reminder that challenges may come my way, life itself is already a tough one and it shall be lived blissfully to the fullest. This tiny space of mine serves as an online haven of my random musings about life, enthusiasm in fashion, great love for food, dream to travel, a few blogging tips and tricks here and there, and everything else in between. by Myca Alyssa Panghulan – The ISFJ 22-year-old lady wrote a blog to detail her journey towards crossing off everything in her bucket list.

Alyssanity is more of a personal blog. It’s basically a documentary of my daily life, and random musings that I want to share and for keepsake. by Anne Macachor – A blog by an old soul named Anne who has a way with words and has interests in travel, food, poetry, arts, and many more.

A diary of random thoughts, silly whatsits, crazy ideas, and everything else in between. Hop on this magic carpet ride and let’s scribble doodle memories together by Rea Alducente. Rea wants to share with us her happy place. This blog hopes to inspire its readers.

I blog about a variety of lifestyle topics like life lessons and real life experiences as well as my little and big adventures. I also talk about blogging and feature share-worthy favorites like thingsplacesevents, and people. by Philip Andrew Mayol. The blog started as an online shop in 2009 and transformed into an online magazine to find valuable information about Cebu.

We will again feature stuff and good finds around Cebu, including some crispy and hot-from-the-oven news on city events, product launching, interviews with Cebuanos on their success stories, business, leisure and most of all, city tours. by Channel Imperial. The cute, lovable, reserved, and amiable registered nurse is also known as the Alexa queen among Cebuano bloggers. Her lifestyle blog is one of the most shared sites among local bloggers.

Channel Marie is a blogger, social media manager, word weaver, registered nurse, digital nomad, foodie, traveler, oenophiliac, Beatlemaniac, scuba diving enthusiast, free diver, Cebu Blogging Community lead, and an awesome human being! by Mimi Gonzales.  A young Cebuana student recently rebranded her lifestyle blog. She is a dreamer and believes in magic and fairy tales.

Chasing Bleu is the brainchild of Mimi Gonzales wherein she writes about lifestyle tips and stories with occasional travel chronicl es, personal & creative strokes in between. by Rachelle Nessia. This blog is written by a 30-something journalist who happens to be a regional director of a government agency.  She is also a self-confessed page designer and social media animal.

I love to read books, surf blogs, dance, sing karaoke, travel, and watch horror movies. The kind that lingers on, making it hard to sleep at night. by Gay Aida Dumaguing. Gay is a 28-year-old girl who grew up in Bukidnon. She is one Cebu’s top travel bloggers. Promoting the Philippines is her advocacy.

Promoting the Philippine tourism. I do believe, that if we’ll be able to increase our tourism, there will be more jobs in the country, more opportunities for everyone, and less jobless Filipinos. Hopefully, with me blogging about the best and must visit destinations and must try experiences in the country, I’ll  be able to help at least a bit to the country and to my fellow countrymen. by Philip Andrew Mayol. Another blog by Philip of CebuFinest.Com. This is a personal blog of an advocate of UNICEF Philippines Champions for Children Program.

I AM FLIP was once recognized, and featured on a famous Korean radio station, Arirang Radio, where they announced a “Blogger of the Day” winner. I was so surprise about that and was very happy. Unfortunately, the blog was discontinued due to being inactive and lack of blog posts. by Jewel Delgado.  Jewel, a petite adventurer, owns this blog that will make you want to explore our beautiful country.

Best Cebu Photo Blogger 2014 Winner.  She’s currently into Travelling and Photography.  She’s a cheap-finder. She believes that you don’t have to spend too much just to be trendy. 🙂 by Melanie Manso. This women’s lifestyle blog was created by two best buds who want a happy and adventurous life.

Fueled By Caffeine came about due to the fact that we are indeed fueled by this addictive drink. It inspired us to create something fun and creative and that is what we intend this blog to be. It keeps us energized for our adventures and life should be filled with that. by Cheryl Ferrolino. A Cebuana I.T. graduate created a blog about anything under the sun mixed with lots of fashion and style posts.

So join me as I unravel the different disguises of a goddess in me. Stay closer by subscribing to this blog or simply follow me at any social networks I’m in. Then, let’s see what magic we can create! by Rose Angelie Lapina. The lovely mother of 2 is a proud member of Cebu Blogging Community and Mommy Bloggers Philippines. The certified fatty food lover created a blog focused on life and parenting.

I started blogging in 2010 when I had my first child and have been creating and deleting blogs since then. This is (HOPEFULLY) going to be our online home for the next 50 years. I know I’ve been saying this on our previous blogs, but I really wish that THIS is going to stay longer, if not forever. by Jephunneh Deon Flores. This blog by one of Cebu’s most active lifestyle bloggers has recently moved to a new host. Jeph, a yoga instructor, has a blog that is full of interesting write-ups and amazing giveaways.

This rebirth means a lot, we just turned 1 and because of that, we are giving you a fresh, new look to this blog as well as freshly pressed posts. Of course, old-but-interesting-blog-posts be reblogged, too. by Cesar Ian Fuentes. The Bacolod boy Ian created one of the top tech blogs in the country. PMG is a hub where you can find information about the latest gadgets in the market.

The site will cater every story about technology as its primary niche. However, the team expands into a more profound definition of “Geek.” Being a “Metro” blog, we will all be geeking-out with every relevant story that is worth sharing and stir emotions for social social change. byKaye Wolf. This blog is all about a girl’s journey towards a happy and healthy life.

Who?The Odd Podd

What?Intentional Living/Lifestyle/Self Improvement Blogger

Why?To Inspire Women To Embrace Their Own Odd World by Mary Narvasa. This informative blog is owned by one of the most recognized Cebuano bloggers.   The blog focuses on getting suggestions from readers about magnificent locations in the Philippines and around the world.

I have always been fascinated about different cultures. I have always wanted to see what’s beyond the borderline of my birthplace, always wanting to step outside. But I never had the courage to do this until last year. Even after deciding to travel abroad, I still didn’t have the strength to start a travel blog. by Lou Castaneda. Lou, a 20-year old Cinema student, created a nice-looking online journal about the happenings in her life.

A photo-hobbyist by chance and a frustrated artist in the making. A wanderlust and a typical day dreamer. I do not eat marshmallows- forgive me not. I am not a fashion person- what a bore. But I am powered by chocolates- high five to that. I eat a lot but I don’t get fat. I am the friendly type if my radar towards a specific individual is good. by Jhanis Vincente. This blog is created by a loving wife, grunge mom, baker wanna-be, and slightly funny blogger rolled into one. Jhanis wants to share her adventures in a third world kitchen.

Truth is, I just want to share some of the crazy stuff going on in our household….. and my head. Also because I know somebody out there is going through the same roller-coaster ride of domesticity then we can laugh about it together and not dwell on the lingering thought of jumping into the washing machine and hide.

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These bloggers would appreciate any vote from you. Please check out for more information about the Philippine Blogging Awards.  Wouldn’t it be great that a blog from Cebu would win a Bloggys? So, please vote for your favorite Cebuano bloggers.


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