About Why Cebu?

Why Cebu is a website dedicated to answering the question why Cebu is one of the most awesome places in the world. The site will highlight the places, activities, investments, businesses, schools and personalities that will help answer the mother question. 

Why Cebu is a platform for local businesses and personalities to launch a campaign to entice Cebuanos and the rest of the world about an offer, a cause, or a proposal. Why Cebu is a perfect venue to inform the world about what is in Cebu and why Cebu matters. 

Here are some reasons Why Cebu is a wonderful place to live or visit:

    1. The abundance of tourist attractions and activities.  Cebu is the home of some of the most beautiful beach resorts in the country. It is also home to countless historic and religious sites.  
    2.  Booming local economy and employment.  Cebu is a bustling city that provides businessmen and investors a lot of opportunities. The island boasts of highly educated manpower that can become high-quality employees. It is also the home of resilient and creative entrepreneurs who are also looking out to expand their operations.
    3. High Performing Schools. Cebu is one of the education hot spots in the country.  Students from nearby provinces go to Cebu to get their college degrees.  Some of the top schools for Medicine, Law, Nautical, Engineering, Nursing, Architecture, Business, and Education are in Cebu.
    4. Vibrant real estate and infrastructure development. Real estate developments have been increasing in the past couple of years.  There is an obvious rapid construction growth with more schools, hospitals, malls, hotels, office buildings, and condominiums built in recent years. There are more major infrastructure projects that are underway that will support sustained growth for the coming years.
    5. Accessibility.  Cebu has an international airport and seaport. It is the perfect jump off point to going to the nearby islands and provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao.
    6.  Stable political climate.  Thre might be some rivalry among political families, but elections in Cebu are generally peaceful and free from violent incidents.

 These are just a few reasons Why Cebu is great and we will provide more answers to this question in our posts. If you also have an answer to this question or you want to be featured on this site, please feel free to comment or contact us on our Contact page.

About the Man Behind WhyCebu.Com

The man behind WhyCebu.Com loves to be different.  He wants to defy convention and would like to view things differently from the majority. Carlo Andrew Olano is a man who has spent most of his life defying conventions and selling the difficult products to sell. He is not afraid to be an underdog.  He likes to try unorthodox things. He started blogging around 5 years ago through a personal blog.  He created blogs to sell things and realized the potential of e-commerce. He started this blog to help companies and individuals to gain the benefit of a solid social media presence. He wants Cebu to be a major power when it comes to e-commerce.  He might be one bug dreamer, but he is definitely one guy who is not afraid to take a leap of faith. 😉

If you want need to contact WhyCebu.com, you can send an email to calolano911@gmail.com or send an SMS to +63-925-5034592

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