A Funny Valentine: Why Not Make it One?

Valentines Day could be one of the most stressful times of the year.   It could be really an annoying week for the heartbroken as they can be reminded of their loneliness everywhere they go.  It is also difficult for boyfriends, husbands, or suitors as they will be forced to buy their special someone expensive expressions of love. Why not make a funny valentine instead? I am not saying that you should just ditch your special plans but why not spend the weekend watching “A Funny Valentine” at Hoops Dome, Lapu-Lapu or at Marco Polo Hotel.

A Funny Valentine

They say laughter is the best medicine.  It can actually be a perfect cure for a heartbreak.  A Funny Valentine features four of the country’s wittiest acts Pokwang, Pooh, K Brosas and Chokoleit.  These four can make any sad single lady or lad forget about past heart breaks. This is one show that is perfect for the squad or family. Watching this show could even make you move on and start over.

This show is also good for couples. They can spend their valentine weekend at the beautiful Marco Polo Hotel then have a buffet dinner before “A Funny Valentine”.  Laughing together is key to a successful and long relationship.

Pokwang, Pooh, K Brosas, Chokoleit, A Funny Valentine, Valentines show, Lapu-Lapu Hoops Dome, Marco Polo Hotel Cebu

Laughter is an Indicator of the State of Relationship

According to a University of North Carolina study, shared laughter is an indicator of a high-quality relationship. The findings of this study could also be applied to non-romantic relationships.  The more you laugh with other people, the close your relationship will become.  Shows like “A Funny Valentine” can enhance a lot of relationships.  This weekend is a good time laugh with people you care about.  What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now!

Check out the show’s Facebook Page for more details.



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