7 Romantic Dining Ideas for Cebuanos

Eating together is one of the best ways for couples to create lasting happy memories. #HappyTummy moments with your loved ones are always memorable. Anniversaries and other special occasions usually involve some food eaten at a romantic setting. This post will try to give you 7 suggestions about romantic dining places in Cebu.

7 Romantic Dining Ideas for Cebuanos

1. The Mountain View Restaurants

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Restaurants in this category will wow you with breathtaking views. Restaurants that are overlooking Cebu City is usually not crowded and are perfect venues to talk about important things as a couple. Going to these places would be a challenge if you do not have your own transportation. For people who have their own cars, the travel going to these restaurants would add to some quality time together and it is a good time for some wonderful conversations.

Here are some of the overlooking romantic restaurants in Cebu:

Delice Recipes at Cebu Tops Road – It has a stunning view of the city especially at night.  The cold air will encourage a couple to be closer to each other. This restaurant serves some fine America food.

La Tegola at Upper Busay – A good place to enjoy some Italian Food. The cool temperature could make any girl want to cuddle.

Lantaw in Busay – Enjoy Filipino food while looking at Cebu from afar. A good place for families as well, which makes this a bit crowded at times.

Alternatives: Tops and Mr. A’s.

2. Romantic Dining On Top of a Building

Blue Elephant Sky Lounge, Romantic Restaurants in Cebu
View for Blue Elephant Sky Lounge

Just like the first set of restaurants, this group of food spots offers the same amazing views, but they are located closer to the city. These restaurants are also very intimate and usually becomes full early during Valentine’s Day. The best thing about these restaurants is that they are very accessible to the commuting public.

If you love eating at the rooftop of a building, these are your options:

Blue Elephant Sky Lounge at Apple One Tower– It is very close to Ayala Center Cebu. They serve very good Asian dishes. Seats are limited in this restaurant. Prior booking is required for a stress-free romantic dining experience. Call 032-2629088 to reserve a table.

Blu Bar at Marco Polo Plaza – You do not have to go to Busay just to enjoy a stunning view of Cebu, the rooftop of Marco Polo is one of the classiest bars in the city. Enjoy wines with your loved one while celebrating a special day on top of one of the most iconic hotels in Cebu.

Alternatives: Harold’s Hotel Highlights Bar and The Roof Garden at Castle Peak

3. The Old World Charm

Romantic Dinner Ideas, Cebu Restaurant Guide, Romantic Restaurants in Cebu,

There are restaurants that just evoke that old world charm.  It is as if you are transported to a different time and place.  These restaurants have furniture that are not typical to our era. These places are really good if you want to dress up and pretend like you are living at the time of your grandparents.

Here are some of the best “Old World” Restaurants in Cebu:

Circa 1900 in Lahug – The name of the restaurant is enough to remind you that this is not a contemporary restaurant.  An old white house is transformed into one of the most romantic restaurants in the City.  It is located around 2 kilometers away from the main road. It is secluded and a perfect spot to have a very intimate meal.

Maya Restaurant at the Crossroads in Banilad – If you drunk too much tequila, you might think that you are in Mexico before it was colonized by the Europeans. A great place to take someone to a gastronomic feast of Mexican specialties.

Alternatives: La Tegola at Ayala Center Cebu

4. Romantic Dining at a Steakhouse

USDA Prime Nebraskan Rib Eye, Olio Steakhouse, Romantic Restaurants in Cebu, Steak
Steak from Olio Steakhouse

Probably for guys, one of the best foods to eat to celebrate a romantic milestone would be steak. Ladies, steak with some wine is the one of the best ways to your man’s heart. There is just something so sexy with steak.

Here are some good places for steak in Cebu:

Olio at Crossroads – It is probably the only pure steakhouse in Cebu right now. They have high-quality beef cooked in your preferred doneness.  They sometimes have promotions that offer diners to buy 2 steaks at a price of one.  Olio also serves delicious pasta dishes that would be great for ladies who do not like heavy meals.

Ibiza Beach Club at Movenpick Mactan – You can make any man happy with a Churrasco dinner buffet.  It is expensive, but it surely will give you a massive dose of #happytummy. Eating by the beach adds to that romantic feel.

Alternatives: The Carnivore at the Gallery

5. At a Fancy restaurant with some wine

Anzani Restaurant, Romantic Restaurants in Cebu, Fancy Restaurant,
Anzani Restaurant (Photo From http://anzani.com.ph/)

Pop a bottle of a cabernet or chardonnay while eating some succulent dishes at one of the best restaurants in Cebu. A special day would definitely deserve some special drink.

Here are some places where you can enjoy wine and magnificent food:

Anzani at Nivel Hills Lahug – Great view and an awesome wine selection.  The food is made by one of the most popular chefs in Cebu.  This award-winning restaurant is known for its New Medditerean Cuisine. They have wines from all over the world which can be paired with the stellar dishes of Chef Marco Anzani. The restaurant also has an outdoor area that gives couples a view of the Cebu City skyline.

Abaca Restaurant at Punta Engano Mactan – If you could book a dinner at this boutique resort in Mactan, you will definitely impress that special person who you will be eating with.

Tinderbox – An amazing selection of wines, steaks, and delis.  Tinderbox is one of the best places in Cebu to have a cheese and wine night with your special someone.

Alternatives: Planet Grapes, La Vie Pariessiene, and Plaza Pino

6. The Flair of the Spanish

Romantic Dinner Ideas, Cebu Restaurant Guide, Romantic Restaurants in Cebu,

The Spanish are proud of their cuisine and here in Cebu, a lot of Spanish Restaurants give diners some unique romantic dining experience. There is something so sexy and feisty with Spanish dishes that would really appeal to many love-struck Filipinos.

Best Romantic Spanish Restaurants in Cebu:

Ipar’s at Ramos – Just an awesome place to enjoy Paella, Lengua, Callos, and other Spanish favorites. Eat some delicious tapas on antique tables and be teleported to the land of bullfights, jai-alai, and chorizo.

Gorliz Bar and Grill – This newly-opened restaurant is located at Streetscapes in Maria Luisa Road. A good tapas and wine place for people living in the Banilad-Talamban area and Mandaue.

No.9 Restaurant at E. Benedicto St. – This ancestral home was turned into a very good-looking restaurant. You will enjoy their Spanish offerings paired with their unique drinks.

Alternatives: Hala Paella, Casino Espanyol, Beehive and Don Merto’s

7. At a “Gallery”

Romantic Dinner Ideas, Cebu Restaurant Guide, Romantic Restaurants in Cebu,

Art and food just mix together. Restaurants that features beautiful paintings gives off tons of romantic vibes.

Here are some of the most beautiful places to eat in Cebu:

Abaca Baking Company – This bakery/cafe/restaurant is perfect for young couples who would like to have some very nice “monthsary” selfies. The paintings are as impressive as the delicious bread and pastries that they make on the ground floor of this posh two-storey food establishments.

Canvas Bistro and Gallery – They serve Australian dishes that can educate a foodie’s tongue to the food down under. Nice paintings hang on the walls of this restaurant.

There are just seven of many romantic dining ideas. Cebu has a lot to offer and I am sure some of you have personal favorites.  Please feel free to comment so that I can add it on to this list.


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